Smart Parts Ion

Smart parts Ion is basically an electropneumatic paintball marker produced by the company called Smart Parts. The Ion, during its release, was the first-of-its kind completely electropneumatic marker for targeting the entry-level players and all this at a certain price point which was previously occupied by Spyders as well as various other types of mechanical blowbacks. This Ion has been given the credit of producing highly rated electropneumatic markers supplied to masses. This was all during the time when the electropneumatic markers remained out of the reach of most budget and casual players.

Introduction of the Original Ion

It was in the year 2005 that the original Ion was introduced in the market and it soon gained huge popularity. However, the Ion was also criticized for the difficulty involved in its service and in its disassembling procedure. These concerns were addressed by Smart Parts in the year 2007 when Ion XE was released featuring the capability of removing the bolt which was found at the rear side of this marker.

Smart Parts IonViews of the Players regarding Smart Parts Ion

Smart parts ion was a groundbreaking paintball marker release in the year 2005. It was with the introduction of this Ion that the paintball world changed forever. It was completely unheard during that time to get hold of a paintball marker with eyes and spool valve and at the most affordable price of just $300. At present, there is not a single company which does not want a single piece of what was produced by Smart Parts in 2005. The Ion, even today, is the best buy for money when it comes to participating in tournament level paintball with entry level pricing.

The Many Uses of the Smart Parts Ion

Smart Parts Ion possesses the ability of keeping up with all types of paintball guns available in the market and that too with great reliability. This Ion has been set up in such a way that it gives many upgrade alternatives to its users if they fell inclined. The Ion gives its users the capability of competing in any tournament level marker available in the market these days and that too at a very affordable price. This is the only Ion that offers you the chance of getting into tournament level scenes with the alternatives of upgrading to higher levels of paintball guns in the near future. It would also be correct to say that smart parts ion is the most affordable Ion from Smart Parts till date. This Ion was originally manufactured to serve as marker for any individual fond of the game. The best thing about this Ion is that it can be used very easily, its maintenance is quite simple and most importantly it has been made for winning. You will be able to get the range, rate and accuracy of fire just like professionals by outing in some extra money in comparison to what is put by a marker at the entry level. This Ion does not have you spending lots of money on the desired item that you require for emerging successful. It operates with CO2 or compressed air w/Anti-Siphon Tube Kit.

The main characteristics include:

•    The receiver of the Ion consists of a firing chamber and breech and both these parts are hard-anodized.

•    The ASA and the grip frame are powder coated and they have been made using die-cast aluminum.

•    Outer shell of this Ion is made of polymer.

•    The main parts of the Ion include eyes or Vision system, receiver and infrared emitter. The receiver prevents the firing of unloaded balls and thus reduces the consequences of chopped balls.

•    The Ion is highly customizable as it is covered within a polymer shell which is removable and is available in various colors.

•    The board of this Ion is produced in two basic forms. One form is intended to be distributed in US and the other in UK. The form meant to be distributed in UK does not possess completely automatic firing modes or burst and features green power LED. US version of the Ion features all modes for firing and it can be identified by red power LED.